How Two Industry Pros Joined Forces to Bring Salt Spas to the Masses

Both Ann Brown, founder and CEO of Saltability, and Stewart Griffith, president of Touch America, have made names for themselves within the spa and wellness industry. Brown, for her knowledge and expertise on the wellness benefits of Himalayan salt, and Griffith, for his skills in developing and manufacturing top of the line spa furniture and equipment. So when Brown began receiving inquiries for salt walls, salt saunas, and other salt concepts after launching Saltability in 2014, she knew she had to tap into another industry resource with the engineering capacity to design those types of projects—Griffith. As such, in 2016 the two combined forces and launched Himalayan Source, a Himalayan salt manufacturer that takes salt integration in spas much farther than the typical hot stone massage. Himalayan Source manufactures salt walls and salt saunas, bulk salt flooring, home treatment room concepts, and more. The company has product at Jewel Grande Montego Bay Resort & Spa, The Biltmore Miami Coral Gables, and more.

Brown, who boasts 25 years in the spa and wellness realm, was able to join American Spa at the first SPATEC by American Spa event in Miami this past May, where Himalayan Source met with spa professionals from across the country who were eager to integrate salt therapies into their properties. Here, get to know more about Brown and Himalayan Source as she discusses the brand, the benefits of halotherapy and salt therapy, what's next for Himalayan Source, and more in a video interview with American Spa's associate editor, Samantha Reed.


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