How to Give the Perfect Blowout for National Blowout Day

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Today marks the first annual National Blowout Day (NBD) - a new holiday that will fall on the last Friday of July each year. The day was developed to celebrate the hard working hair stylists across the country, and to give hair-loving beauties everywhere an excuse to treat themselves. In honor of the new event, Kattia Solano of Butterfly Studio Salon (New York City) shared some tips on how to get (and give) the perfect blowout.

  • Apply a light cream or serum on the ends of a client's hair - avoid the roots!
  • Use a low speed to give yourself more control of the tools.
  • Start by stretching out clients roots in the opposite direction of the client's part to create more volume.
  • Finish with a texturizing hair product like Oribe Dry Spray for texture and to enhance separation.

Just in time for NBD is the recent expansion of the on-demand blowout app Prête. In April, the app expanded to include participating salons and spas nation wide. Prête is an on-demand blowout booking service that's become incredibly popular among millennial spa-goers. All clients must do is download the app, input their location, set the time they're looking for a blowout, and Prête will pair them with a location that has an available opening for them. There's even an unlimited blowouts package starting at $159 a year, though there's currently a waiting list for that feature.

Spas and salons looking to partner with the app and make themselves available for on-demand blowout services are encouraged to apply via the Prête official website.


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National Blowout Day is currently being celebrated in seven cities across the country, including Austin, Boston, Dallas, Miami, New York City, Orange County (CA), and Scottsdale (AZ). Not just any location was able to become an official National Blowout Day participant, however. Spas and salons across the country were judged on a criteria of five questions, and must have scored a five out of five to become an official NBD salon.

The questions analyzed included:

  1. Does the location use high-end, "best of the best" products?
  2. Do they offer continued education to their stylists?
  3. Is customer service their top priority?
  4. Is the location aesthetically pleasing, aka "gorgeous inside"?
  5. And simply... Do they do a good job?

A complete list of spas and salons celebrating the event can be found on the official NBD website.


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