Indie Beauty Expo Heads to Berlin

The Indie Beauty Expo is heading to Germany // Photo credit: bluejayphoto/iStock/Getty Images Plus

European indie beauty experts are in for a treat next year as Indie Beauty Expo (IBE) has just announced its second European show in Berlin, Germany in March 2019. IBE began making a name for itself when it debuted in New York City in August of 2015. Since then, its shows have expanded to Los Angeles, Dallas, and most recently London. Following the success of its first international event, IBE has decided to continue its growth in the European indie beauty market with the addition of Indie Beauty Berlin.

“Europe is a diverse market and German-speaking countries are a discrete opportunity within that market, representing over 100 million consumers spread among some the best performing economies in the region,” says Nader Naeymi-Rad, cofounder of IBE. “Furthermore, German retailers have been steadily expanding their reach across Europe and now represent some of the most desirable wholesale channels available to brands. We want to make these markets and channels accessible to more independent brands.”

IBE Berlin will follow the same format as other Indie Beauty Expos, first with Trade Indie on March 22, followed by Shop Indie at Station-Berlin on March 23.


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“The practice of going to a trade show once a year to do a buy is becoming obsolete,” says Jillian Wright, cofounder of IBE. “Consumers can now find new brands online at a click of button at any time. Buyers are now ‘always buying’. With five shows across two continents, IBE will offer retailers a continuous stream of new innovations, from around the world, throughout the year to help them maintain their competitive edge.”

Thanks to the success of its recent European venture, IBE has also announced a new partnership with FeelUnique, Europe’s largest online retailer, to showcase an assortment of independent beauty brands across the skincare, haircare, and cosmetics industries. The goal of the partnership is to provide online shoppers unique indie beauty products they might not have access to the UK and French markets. Through the partnership, IBE and FeelUnique will select approximately 30 brands who have exhibited at IBE shows so FeelUnique can help these brands grow no matter where they are based.

“Independent beauty is an important category for FeelUnique,” says Joel Palix, CEO of FeelUnique. “Over the years, we are proud to have supported many young up-and-coming brands. Moving forward, we would like to extend our platform to more brands that lack a presence in the UK and France. That is also why we decided to partner with IBE. They are a pioneer and a recognized leader in independent beauty and their knowledge, network and capabilities in this space are unrivalled.”

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