Jamu Organic Spa Rituals Celebrates 25th Anniversary

Balinese-inspired spa brand Jamu Organic Spa Rituals is celebrating its 25th anniversary this year. Originally founded in Bali for Balinese locals in 1993, the organic wellness brand has since moved production of its goods state side to Montana, but according to the brand’s founder, Kim Collier, the line’s Balinese influence is stronger than ever.

"Who knew that starting a product company in a hotel kitchen in Bali, Indonesia, would continue 25 years later still blending in my 'zen product den' preparing intentional, tropical, small-batch herbal and organic body care, made with love from Bali to Montana," Collier told American Spa. "Jamu has been thru four re-designs over 25 years, and each and every time we change, the brand and I are re-defined. We're always keen to change, grow, and evolve organically as consumers become more conscious, thoughtful, and “green-minded” in daily buying decisions. This new eco-awareness is another big change over 25 years, and one of the most important for our future."

Jamu is known for its holistic and organic body care products, which celebrate Balinese culture and are often incorporated in traditional Balinese treatments. Inspired by Jamu (or Djamu), a tradition medicine from Indonesia, Jamu’s products are made naturally from nourishing recipes, are animal and cruelty free, and are both organic and biodegradable. Over the years, Jamu has been given Champion Company status, which is the top rating for cosmetic product safety through the Campaign for Safe Cosmetics. 

A portion of Jamu profits are donated to charities and non-profits as part of the brand’s conscious retail values. Collier, both an educator and student in the international wellness community, also collaborates with the Jamu Traditional School in Bali and is currently completing holistic health and medicine yoga practitioner programs. In the near future, she hopes to find interesting and inspiring companies to partner with both professionally and personally to better the wellness industry and beyond.

"I'm not sure where the phrase 'collaboration is the new competition' originates, yet it rings true through to my heart and business mind," says Collier. "Jamu's business model is more about building community and experiences to bring people, products, and healing together. I hold the vision that traditions of herbal healing and Jamu will carry thru to collaborations with other brands in the spa, beauty, wellness, hospitality and beyond."

Collier also plans to head back to Bali in 2018 for  Bali Spirit Festival and Classes with Ellen Watson, Apr 2-8, and for Balinese Massage and JAMU Herbal Traditions CIBTAC and NCBTMB classes at Jamu Spa School, Apr. 9-13. For more info, visit Jamu online.


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