Join NYX Professional Makeup for its Virtual Pride March

While social distancing orders have led to the cancellation of Pride parades across the country, NYX Professional Makeup is marching on with a virtual celebration. The beauty brand, which has donated more than $50,000 to global LGBTQ+ organizations thus far, recently announced the year-long “Proud Allies for All” initiative, which seeks to educate the public on LGBT allyship.

As part of the campaign, on June 1 NYX Professional Makeup is launching a virtual Pride march called “I March for.” Those who wish to participate can do so by downloading and posting an image of themselves using the “Proud Allies” Instagram filter, which is available on the brand’s Instagram. The users can share on the post who they march for, as well as nominate someone to “join the march,” and take part in the social media campaign. NYX Professional makeup plants to repost all of the “Proud Allies” images across its social platforms throughout the month of June.

The brand has also partnered with the Los Angeles LGBT Center to launch a new ally education platform, which will feature a video training curriculum. The training sessions cover a variety of topics about the LGBT community, such as formally defining the letters in LGBT, the correct usage of pronouns, LGBTQ+ resources, and the best ways to be an active advocate and ally.


“NYX Professional Makeup has always been a brand that proudly champions and represents inclusivity,” says Yann Joffredo, global brand president of NYX Professional Makeup. “While we cannot physically come together to celebrate Pride, we are thrilled to bring the community together through our virtual initiatives, including the first-ever virtual Pride march and our thoughtfully developed ally educational resource platform.”

For more information about the campaign and to donate, click here.



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