Is Knitting the New Meditation?

As spa-goers look for new ways to slow down, spas are responding by introducing more intentional pursuits, such as mindful knitting. Jessica Meyrowitz, founder of It’s a Yummy, is a designer and a knitter who creates handmade throws, pillows, hats, scarves, and more using a custom-made 100 percent merino wool yarn. Teaching mindful knitting classes throughout the country, she will be leading a workshop at Golden Door Spa (San Marcos, CA) from Aug. 5-9.

“I started the Yummy Mindful Knitting Workshops at destination spas and resorts, because spas are about healthy living, wellness, creativity, and exploration—exactly the intrinsic properties that one finds through knitting,” says Meyrowitz. “Knitting and spa-ing are a natural and cohesive combination. Knitting is a mindful and creative process that not only provides the participants with numerous health benefits but also each person who participates in the Yummy Mindful Knitting Workshops will leave with a skill—knitting—and a scarf they created.”

Meyrowitz herself was taught knitting by her yoga teacher. During a four week intro to knitting course, Meyrowitz was taught not only how to knit but about the meditative qualities and mindfulness that knitting provides. Shortly after her course concluded, her journey towards making It's a Yummy a reality began.

For a full list of events Meyrowitz will be attending, click here.


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