Enjoy Some Mii Time at Mii Amo

Time for oneself is encouraged at Mii amo, which recently launched its new Mii Time Movement.

With the perfect hashtag (#miitime) to promote on social media, Mii amo (Sedona, AZ) recently launched its empowering Mii time Movement, which focuses on promoting self-care.

“At this time in history especially, women need to carve out a sacred space to be inspired and empowered and that is what the Mii Movement is all about,” says Tracey Anne Slavonia, former chief marketing officer for Enchantment Group. “Whether it is through a commitment to meditation or self-care at home or at Mii amo through our inspirational, transformative journeys, we are inviting women to prioritize Mii time in their lives.”

Led by the spa’s expert therapists, Mii time presentations are on a variety of topics that emphasize inner beauty and self-awareness. From meditative art to hypnosis to sound healing to forgiveness, the Mii time programming is designed to help women get to where they want to go.

“The introduction for our Mii time guest programming was inspired by the deep need for self-care and holistic wellness at this time in history,” says spa director Doreen Young. “By introducing Mii time experiences and retreats, we are inviting our guests to commit to self-care and prioritize Mii time in their lives so they can better nurture their minds, bodies, and souls.”


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