Fitness Meets Fun with Three Wellness-Inspired Collaborations

AdrenZen, a biannual action-packed weekend at Paws Up, involves an ATV tour, the Grizzlyman Fitness Trail, yoga, and the Sky Line Aerial Adventure Park. (Paws Up)

Seeing an opportunity to introduce an active yet relaxing retreat at The Resort at Paws Up (Greenough, MT), social media relations and special events coordinator Alison Lewis came up with the idea of AdrenZen, an adrenaline meets Zen wellness weekend.  

“The duality of the concept of AdrenZen fits our 37,000-acre ranch perfectly with the incredible opportunities for relaxation and rejuvenation combined with adrenaline-inspired experiences, such as rappelling, ATVs, clay shooting, cattle drives, and more,” says Lewis. Wanting to team up with some fabulous partners for the resort’s first-ever wellness event, Lewis didn’t hesitate to think big. “When I first conceptualized the event, I tried to get Jillian Michaels,” she says. “When she wasn’t available, I went to my next choice, Jen Widerstrom, who I admired for her weight-loss journey, dedication to helping others, and passion for fitness and health.” Widerstrom, also a trainer on “The Biggest Loser,” and author of Diet Right for Your Personality Type (Penguin Random House, 2017), immediately said yes, as did yogi Lauren Taus. “The team at Paws Up found me through social media and a common friend in New York City,” says Taus. “After speaking with the brand manager, I understood the space and opportunity to create a meaningful experience in a new way. Paws Up is just beginning to explore wellness retreats, so it’s an exciting time to participate with the team in shaping future experiences.” Lewis also partnered with healthy chef Kelly Lien and the juice brand Suja.    

Fitness partnerships are often a winning combination for spas, as they give guests an opportunity to train with professional athletes. In December, Mii Amo a Destination Spa (Sedona, AZ) hosted a transformational yoga and meditation retreat with former NFL player Keith Mitchell. The Ignite Your Greatness retreat encouraged guests to commit to living their best lives. After a life-changing football injury that left him partially paralyzed, Mitchell discovered yoga and meditation as a form of recovery. The three-day retreat included an opening ritual and reception at the spa’s Crystal Grotto, special workshops learning physical and spiritual practices, and self-healing tools to combat life’s daily stresses.  

Lindblad Expeditions-National Geographic teamed up with Exhale to launch a wellbeing partnership involving a series of three-and four-day voyages aboard the National Geographic Sea Bird. The Base Camp Baja voyages explored Espiritu Santo and Isla Partida, located in the Sea of Cortez. As part of the partnership, guests took part in healthy Exhale-branded activities and wellbeing programs, such as Core Fusion Barre, Bootcamp, Power Yoga, assisted stretching, and more, led by an Exhale fitness instructor, a spa therapist, or an Exhale-trained Lindblad Wellness specialist.

The next AdrenZen retreat is scheduled for May 4-7. Interested participants can register here.


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