Laurel Skin Creates Slow Beauty Collection for Miraval Resorts & Spas

Laurel Skin recently announced its Slow Beauty Collection, a partnership with Miraval Resorts & Spas. The Slow Beauty Collection is a journey of exploration to the three Miraval Resort locations in Austin, Arizona, and the Berkshires and will feature four organic skincare products representing the destinations, including the Petal Pecan Mask (Austin), Honeysuckle Sage Elixir (Arizona), Wolfberry Chia Serum (Arizona), and Tulsi Rose Balm (Berkshires). Miraval Resorts & Spas have also launched the Essence of Miraval Facial, an on-property experience at all three Miraval destinations. The products are launching on July 1 on the Laurel Skin and Miraval websites, and the facial will be available at the Miraval Spas that day, as well. “Our bio-regional sourcing efforts support both humanity and the environment,” says Laurel Shaffer, owner and formulator for Laurel Skin. “The idea of slow farmed beauty is one of mindfulness and should benefit all communities, individuals, animals, and plants along the way. Each ingredient you see on the label was seeded specifically for this collection, enriching not only the land, but each community’s inhabitants.

Miraval Austin

Petal Pecan Mask ($96): This hydrating, brightening and moisturizing mask is a representation of plentiful Texas farmlands and opulent bounty of peaches and pecans in the region. Beloved native plants like yaupon and pink primrose flower are layered in with depth and subtlety. Some of the raw honey comes directly from Miraval Austin’s own Cypress Creek farm and each calendula flower and lemon balm leaf is hand-harvested by Herban Austin Farm. This product features 17 Austin-grown ingredients.

Miraval Arizona

Honeysuckle Sage Elixir ($82): The elixir inspired by the warm desert after a cool rain is soothing, hydrating, protective, and repairing for both pre- and post-sun exposure. Delicate blooms of honeysuckle and citrus blossom were cultivated and picked daily for distillation and enfleurage by Phibee Aromatics. Native shrubs and leaves like chaparral, globemallow, and sage were expertly harvested and combined with ripe prickly pear from Arizona’s Cactus Ranch. This product features 13 Arizona-grown ingredients.

Wolfberry Chia Serum ($120): Used for protection and repair from UV oxidative damage, along with soothing and moisturizing lipids, this serum is an embodiment of the desert surroundings with native plants that can be found in the diverse Arizona landscape. Locally cultivated chia seed, prickly pear seed, and jojoba are all raw and artisan cold-pressed to perfection. Three-month long infusions of wolfberry, mesquite, and desert willow were mindfully harvested by Tucson herbalist Black Sage Botanicals, alongside Ash Ritter’s desert flower essences. This product features 11 Arizona-grown ingredients.

Miraval Berkshires

Tulsi Rose Balm ($130): This rich balm is nourishing, barrier strengthening, and lymph flow supportive with potent antioxidants. It is a dedication to the Berkshires lush and abundant growing region with local plants such as rose, nettle, and pine, with cultivated Northeast-farmed cranberries and Concord grapes to provide unparalleled antioxidants. Yarrow, oomfrey, and tulsi are grown by local Sawmill Herb Farm and Foxtrot Farm, and the flowers-meet-forest aroma is distilled by Full Kettle Farm. This product features 18 Berkshire-grown ingredients.


The Facial: Essence of Miraval

This Slow Beauty ritual, available now at all Miraval destinations, includes only organic, raw unrefined whole plants seeded regionally and exclusively for an unparalleled experience. The treatment takes guests on a sensory journey of all three Miraval destinations, while restoring skin health and vibrancy using each product from the Slow Beauty Collection. Warm facial compresses, honey tapping, and traditional herbal poultices sculpt and firm connective tissue, release muscle tension, and unburden mind, body, and spirit.



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