LivNordic and Sauna From Finland Team Up to Bring Authentic Finnish Saunas Across the Globe

A traditional Finnish, handmade Boatsauna. // Photo courtesy of Sauna From Finland (

Some consider the sauna the backbone of the spa experience, but a lack of understanding for the wellness practice means that spa-goers in some regions rarely receive the enjoyable experience the sauna was designed for. This is why LivNordic, the global spa consultancy and Nordic spa brand founded by Raison d’Etre, has partnered with Sauna From Finland, in an effort to help spas and consumers discover the importance of an authentic sauna practice.

Both brands have stated they feel a lack of understanding and information has led to the sauna being poorly adopted in a number of countries across the globe. Sauna From Finland believes that many spas outside of Finland do not offer the enjoyability, health benefits, and reliability that the Finnish sauna experience does, with spas across the world offering guests an inauthentic spa experience. A traditional Finnish sauna is an ideal place to rest, relax, focus on health and wellbeing, reduce stress, and improve sleep quality. Typically, sauna users are not familiar with the truly Finnish way of using a sauna, meaning they do not make the most of the sauna’s health benefits.

The collaboration aims to encourage a higher standard of sauna within the global wellness industry and raise awareness of the benefits of practice, thanks to LivNordic’s global reach of the spa industry and Sauna From Finland’s expertise on the authentic Finnish sauna experience. On its website, Sauna From Finland shares the rating of saunas and services, with the Authentic Finnish Sauna Experience Quality Certificate marking the highest standard of sauna. The company also assists spas and businesses in designing and implementing the most high-quality sauna experience for clients, which the brand hopes to expand to new regions through its partnership with LivNordic. By collaborating with Sauna From Finland, the global spa consultancy hopes to encourage a more traditional Finnish experience that will be taken on board by new and well-established spas.


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