L’Oréal Gives Back During Annual Role Model Program

Cecilia Nelson-Hurt, L’Oréal’s assistant vice president of diversity and inclusion, welcomes Role Model students. // Photo courtesy of L'Oréal USA

L’Oréal USA is continuing its mission of giving back to emerging professional women, most recently having hosted a four-day program at the brand’s Hudson Yards headquarters in New York City for the New York Coalition of One Hundred Black Women’s Annual Role Model Program. The workshops were attended by 13 high school and 26 college students and were designed to teach them realistic understandings of a number of professions as well as practical workplace skills and allowed them to shadow professional women in careers of their choice.

The program included workshops and presentations by professionals from the beauty field on social and professional etiquette, dressing for success, social networking, financial literacy, life skills, leadership, personal growth, and presentation skills. Gloria Browne-Marshall, associate professor of constitutional law at John Jay College of Criminal Justice and former civil rights attorney delivered the week’s closing keynote address. At the conclusion of this year’s event, four college students and one high school student were awarded scholarships to help further continue their educations.

“Each year, L'Oréal USA’s collaboration with New York Coalition of One Hundred Black Women’s Role Model Program presents the opportunity to demonstrate and reaffirm our commitment to supporting programs that energize and encourage women and girls,” says Cecilia Nelson-Hurt, L’Oréal’s assistant vice president of diversity and inclusion.  “In addition to presenting personal and professional growth experiences, L’Oréal USA is proud to have awarded scholarships each year to Role Model Program students for the past 19 years.”


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Since 1999, L’Oréal USA has provided annual grants to the New York Coalition of One Hundred Black Women to help the organization continue to expand. Since 1999, the organization has expanded its Role Model Program to Brooklyn and Queens students at Medgar Evers College and Queens College. With increased capacity, the program further expanded to include York College, LaGuardia Community College, John Jay College of Criminal Justice, and now also includes high school students from Women’s Academy of Excellence in the Bronx and the Xinos youth program of the national sorority of Phi Delta Kappa Epsilon chapter.

For more information or to get involved with the New York Coalition of Black Women, call 917-952-4808, email [email protected], or visit them on Facebook.


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