Meet the Speakers of the 66th Annual Cidesco World Congress

The speakers of the 66th Annual Cidesco World Congress and Exhibition (in alphabetical order) // Photos courtesy of Cidesco

This September will mark the 66th annual Cidesco World Congress and Exhibition. Taking place in Stockholm, Sweden, September 6-9, the theme for this year’s event—beauty of the northern lights—is inspired by the host country. The four-day event will incorporate a cultural evening where attendees will explore the traditions of the host country, including the annual makeup and body art competition, gala dinner, lectures, and more. The event will host eleven industry professionals as speakers during the exhibition. Learn more about them below.

Conference speaker Ghoncheh Yazdani, MD

Sophie Alemany: Former training manager, Europe and Middle East, Givenchy.
Topic: Mineral Therapies—Health or Skincare?

Jens Bergström: Founder of Tattoo and Piercing Education Scandinavia
Topic: Breaking the Skin Barrier and Keeping it Safe


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Andrea Bovero, Ph.D.: spa expert and critic.
Topic: Spa and Beauty Evolution—Market Trends and Innovations

Andrew Christie, Ph.D.: Biochemist; skin and microneedling expert; author; and lecturer.
Topic: Microneedling and Papulopustular Acne—delivering innovative and effective patient solutions.

Linda Mehrens Flodin: Makeup artist; and founder and creative director of Mehrens Academy.
Topic: To Work Professionally with Makeup.

Dirk Hundertmark: Professor; chemist; and founder and owner of Purebeau New Cosmetics.
Topic: The Principle of Plasma Technology—fibroblast non-ablative lifting without surgery.

René Nagels: Dermato-cosmetic scientist; and founder of Nannic R&D.
Topic: Choosing the right type of radio frequency for non-surgical anti-aging treatments.

Michael Q. Pugliese: Educator; writer; skincare expert; and CEO of Circadia by Dr. Pugliese.
Topic: Innovative Ingredients Technology.

Trevor Steyn: South African chemist; and founder of Esse Probiotic Skincare.
Topic: Billions of Live Probiotics (Beneficial Bacteria)—The future in professional skincare.

Dimitra Tsantidou: Assistant of the Greek Thermal Medicine Academy; member of the Greek Health Tourism Association.
Topic: Healing Waters.

Ghoncheh Yazdani, MD: Private practice doctor of family medicine, ophthalmology, and aesthetic medicine. 
Topic: Innovative Treatment for Acne Vulgaris, as Shown in a New Study.


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