Millennium Systems International Becomes HIPAA Compliant

Photo Credit: metamorworks/ iStock/Getty Images Plus

Good news for salons and spas that use Millennium Systems International (MSI). The providers of the Meevo 2 platform recently became HIPAA compliant, meaning MSI is now equipped to meet HIPAA standards in protecting the privacy and security of protected health information through safety measures such as policies and practices.

Meevo 2 allows business owners and managers to adjust the security settings to allow different levels of access for different members of their staff. Some adjustment settings include on-and-off premise restrictions, hiding client histories, and granting global access for multi-location businesses.

“For MSI to achieve 100 percent HIPAA compliance, all current employees were trained and educated on the importance of safeguarding Protected Health Information (PHI),” says Christopher Shannon, director of information technology at Millennium. “If a salon, spa, or medical spa is required to adhere to HIPAA standards, MSI offers the Meevo 2 platform allowing them to do so. A Business Associates Agreement (BAA) would be executed in order to declare the client as a covered entity and outline our roles and responsibilities as the software provider.”


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