Now You Can Text Clients Thanks To Millennium's Partnership with Textel

Spa and salon owners now have the opportunity to advance their business at the touch of a hand thanks to a new partnership in the beauty and wellness industries. Millennium Systems International has partnered with Textel to enhance the technology its clients use to keep their businesses running smoothly.

Millennium recently introduced Meevo 2 to the industry—a cloud-based growth platform developed specifically for beauty and wellness businesses, while Textel provides business texting solutions. The partnership between Millennium’s Meevo 2 and Textel is designed to reduce no-show appointments by offering last-minute reminders, improve customer service with quick responses, and manage off-hours requests through automatic replies. Increased efficiency at the front desk is another benefit as it can lead to major savings in labor and payroll fees. 

In addition, Textel provides a modern contingency plan for emergencies, such as the power outage that Textel client Scott Miller experienced. “In a two-week period, we lost power at one of our locations and our flagship location lost phone and internet service for almost four days,” says Miller. “Textel was the only way we were able to communicate with our clients.”


Says Andrew Clark, director of production development at Millennium, “this powerful text integration will elevate productivity, reduce no-shows, and ultimately drive at more sales.”

The new partnership gives business owners the opportunity to improve the experience for both the business and the client.



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