MindBody Announces ZeeZor Acquistion

Mindbody has acquired ZeeZor spa software // Photo Credit: Spiderstock/Royalty-Free/Getty Images Plus

Mindbody, the popular wellness technology software and platform, has announced its acquisition of ZeeZor, a real-time analytics and staff engagement platform for salon and spa businesses. The acquisition comes two years after Atlanta-based ZeeZor first partnered with MindBody in 2018.

“The ZeeZor acquisition accelerates our product roadmap to include the critical tool of staff benchmarking,” says Rick Stollmeyer, Mindbody CEO and cofounder. “Our thousands of customers in the salon and spa industries can now engage with staff on a deeper level to improve productivity, identify revenue opportunities, and reward staff performance.”

ZeeZor’s reporting and analytics tool integrates into existing point-of-sale (POS) systems as well as automates the manual processes needed to monitor specific metrics per accounts, locations, and staff. The software allows business owners and practitioners to set and track goals, host and track contests, recognize top performers, and compare revenue and key metrics across multiple locations. Performance metrics are designed to track individual outputs including retail product sales, average retail sales per customer, guest retention, and service sales. The app also reveals key performance benchmarks to provide businesses with tools to increase growth and operations.

“With ZeeZor, management can interact with staff via a mobile interface and they are able to coach according to the data,” says Chris Nedza, ZeeZor CEO and cofounder. “Data comes in at real-time allowing business owners and practitioners to quickly identify business trends without having to sift through complicated reports.”


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