OM4 CEO Creates New Charitable Foundation

Photo Credit: One Well World (One Well World)

Michael Bruggeman, CEO of OM4 Organic Male, is leading One Well World, a nonprofit charitable foundation. The mission of the nonprofit is to inspire global wellbeing through local action and tackle major social issues which prevent people from feeling happy, healthy, and well. “The next global pandemic may not be another rogue virus, but rather a global crisis of mental wellbeing,” says Bruggeman.

Bruggeman says the next serious social and public health issues of our time will include blue light-induced circadian clock disruption, widespread anxiety, chronic stress, loneliness and isolation, as well as domestic violence, bullying, political unrest, intolerance and racism, addiction, and suicide.

The foundation is focused on three main objectives:

  • Commissioning and managing four targeted action projects aimed at significantly impacting local and regional health and wellness outcomes: Spa Reimagined, Well Beauty, Families First, and Enlightened Workplaces.
  • To provide financial support and resources to vetted charitable partners making a difference in one of the six wellness dimensions – spiritual, physical, intellectual, emotional, relationships, and global citizenship + ecosystem care, or any of the social issues above.
  • Cultivating well leaders with the knowledge and skill to internalize authentic presence and the capacity to design and establish enlightened workplaces.

The foundation is set to work toward local community change, especially in underserved populations, and Bruggeman believes there is much the industry and businesses can do to step up social responsibility and become equity partners in the health and wellness of brand followers and the communities in which they live.

As chair, Bruggeman will be supported by an advisory board of:

  • Maureen Fletcher Bankson, executive VP Spa + Wellness, LIVunLtd, US
  • Martha Collard, founder and catalyst at Red Doors Studio, Hong Kong
  • Doris Day, M.D., FAAD, MA – founder Day Dermatology & Aesthetics, US
  • Madelyn Hirsch Fernstrom, Ph.D, CNS, health and diet editor NBC News, US
  • Sallie Fraenkel, president Mind Body Spirit Network, US
  • Sherrie Frank, programme director Wings Seminars, US
  • Anna-Cari Gund, M.D., of Raison d’Etre, Sweden
  • Karin Linnewiel Hermoni, Ph.D, head of science and nutrition Lycored, US
  • Jane Kitchen, founder, Jane Kitchen Communications, UK
  • Brett Kotlus, M.D., MS, cosmetic and occufacial plastic surgeon, US
  • Doris Lopez, MA, WC, healthcare and wellness consultant, US
  • Kathryn Moore, founder, Hall of Wellness Awards – powered by Spa Connectors, UAE
  • Vince Oliver, LFACHE healthcare consultant, US
  • Jennifer Walsh, founder Walk with Walsh & Nature GreenPrint, US
  • Claire Way, M.D., of Spa Strategy, UK.

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