OPI Challenges Men to #MANiUP

Image Credit: OPI (Image Credit to OPI)

Inspired by last fall’s viral story of a dad’s Twitter thread defending his young son who was ridiculed for wearing nail polish, the popular salon nailcare brand OPI has stated it believes that color has the power to heal, transform, empower and spark joy,  and is challenging men everywhere to #MANiUP and support color for everyone.

To do so, OPI’s latest Color Is the Answer initiative joined forces with the Creators Network to create a conversational video series comprised of two videos, one based in Los Angeles and one based in Milan, discussing how current stereotypes have kept men of all ages, genders, and sexual orientations from experiencing the impact of color on self-empowerment and self-expression. 

“I’ve always said that color has the power to change your look – and your outlook,” says OPI co-founder and brand ambassador Suzi Weiss-Fischmann. “While traditionally nail lacquer has been associated with female definitions of beauty, there’s no reason why nail color can’t be enjoyed by males as well. No longer are men’s skincare, haircare or other grooming products considered taboo—nails should be no different!”


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The series, found on OPI’s YouTube Channel, features men who wear nail lacquer sharing their thoughts and aims to tackle timely topics such as what it means to be masculine and why there is a stigma associated with men and nail color. 

“These conversational videos are an important first step in normalizing and championing men and boys wearing nail color if they want, because we believe Color is the Answer—for everybody,” says Weiss-Fischmann. “Color can signify who we are and what we want to say to others. Color can impact how we feel, our moods and our motivations. Color is not just a female language, but a universal one.”


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