Raison d'Etre Launches Think Tank for Wellness

Raison d'Etre has launched a Wellness and Wellbeing Think Tank // Photo courtesy of Raison d'Etre

A new Think Tank for Wellness is coming to the spa industry thanks to global spa consultancy brand Raison d’Etre. The Think Tank will provide tools and resources to help businesses grow to their full wellness-related potentials.

Raison d’Etre says it chose to launch the Think Tank when it did as the wellness industry has been seeing a continuous growth and seeing into other industries and sectors, and the brand wants to offer its creative services to anyone who wishes to understand how wellness concepts and wellbeing awareness can be integrated into any particular lifestyle, service, or business.

The Think Tank team is composed of a number of valuable and experienced creatives who specialize in developing solutions and proposals that support personal or business journeys into wellness and wellbeing. Primarily, the Think Tank hopes to support businesses of any industry integrate wellness and wellbeing principles into its values, vision, and focus.


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Interested participants are encouraged to send a short summary of what areas they would like support with to a Think Tank team member who reviews the summary before connecting with the participant to develop a comprehensive research report. Each report contains customized, detailed insight into wellness and wellbeing in relation to the participants current situation, whether that be in terms of business culture, country, or origin. The team also provides a detailed summary of the psychological, emotional, and physical demands of the participants situation that may need to be addressed.

The report concludes with what wellness and wellbeing practices would most benefit the given situation or business, plus tips on how to implement a successful wellness strategy. The report also covers a realistic wellness time line and suggestions for implementing wellness and wellbeing concepts in to personal or working life. Lists of relevant suppliers, contacts and supporting organizations are also provided to make wellness and wellbeing integration successful and sustainable.

To register, e-mail Raison d’Etre at [email protected].


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