Skin Rashes May Be Possible COVID-19 Symptom

Skin issues may be a symptom of COVID-19. // Photo Credit: elenaleonova/Royalty-Free/Getty Images (elenaleonova/Royalty-Free/Getty Images)

The American Academy of Dermatology (AAD) recently announced that skin rashes may be a possible symptom of COVID-19. According to the AAD, researchers have seen several patients with skin problems, such as a red rash, hives, and chicken pox-like blisters. The association stressed, though, that while trends are beginning to become apparent, they are still in the data-gathering phase of this epidemic, and dermatologists “should not reach foregone conclusions based on scattered case reports in the medical literature or lay press.”

Nonetheless, First Derm, an app that connects users to board-certified dermatologists, has seen an uptick in individuals with concerns about suspicious rashes that may be connected to the virus.

“We have looked back into our database from Feb. 1, 2020, until today, says Alexander Börve, M.D., founder and CEO of First Derm. "Our online dermatologists have seen more Chilblains and vasculitis of the feet and hands, which have bees associated with Covid-19 infections and reported in other counties like Spain and Italy."

The California-based company has also seen a rise in housebound users who want virtual consultations with dermatologists about various other concerns, such as acne, reproductive health, and cracked skin from excessive handwashing. An increasing number of dermatologists who have temporarily closed their offices have also been using the app to treat patients remotely.

The app is able to put users in contact with a certified dermatologist for remote consultations within hours, and on the First Derm website, its AI-powered Skin Image Search allows users to upload an image to a database of over 300,000 images to immediately find matches on skin conditions.

It’s important for estheticians and spa professionals to remember that when a client presents with conditions outside of the esthetics scope to refer them to a medical professional.

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