Skincare Industry Veterans Join Forces to Form Luxury Wellness International

Laurie Nicoll Nord (left) and Julio Lamberty (right) have joined forces to create Luxury Wellness International.

Two veteran skincare professionals are joining forces to define how science and nature intersect by creating a new generation of clean, clinical skincare free of toxins and questionable ingredients. From the minds of Laurie Nicoll Nord, founder of Stemulation, and Julio Lamberty, founder of Innovative Cosmetics, comes Luxury Wellness International, a new private label manufacturer that specializes in natural and sustainable wellness. The new brand will also manufacture Nord’s two proprietary skincare lines, Stemulation and Stemulation PRO.

“We believe that living your best life means living well,” says Nord. “There is more of an understanding that what you put on your body on a daily basis matters to your overall health. Luxury is moving away from an emphasis on material things—today it is about living well. Consumers are redefining luxury to include sustainability and social responsibility.”

Nord entered the skincare world while working as a business development officer at a scientific research company where she learned about the healing properties of stem cell technology. In an effort to find a solution to her own skin ailments and premature aging, she developed Stemulation, one of the first skincare brands to incorporate stem cell technology to produce optimal results. It was this background in science that piqued Lamberty’s interest in partnering with Nord. With 30 years of experience creating professional and retail solutions for luxury and specialty stores, spas, resorts, and salons, Lamberty's expertise in business development, product management and strategic initiatives work as an ideal complement to Nord’s skill set. 


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Nord says the pair was inspired by the vision of the Global Wellness Institute’s Beauty Meets Wellness Initiative, which focuses on scientifically connecting beauty and wellness to position beauty as an active contributor to the health and wellbeing markets. “I am excited that Luxury Wellness International will serve the market that wants science-backed products that produce results, yet free of toxic ingredients,” says Lamberty. “Our customers don’t have to decide between products that work and products that won’t cause harm.”

In addition to the production of Stemulation, Stemulation PRO, and private label products, Luxury Wellness International will support clients with services including design consulting, packaging solutions, and global registration.



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