SpaSoft Introduces New Security Features with Latest Upgrade

Get to know SpaSoft version 7.0 // Photo credit: leaf/iStock/Getty Images Plus

SpaSoft, the spa and activity management system from Springer-Miller Systems, has upgraded its platform with a series of features that will help spas comply with the new General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) laws as well as enhance overall data security.

SpaSoft version 7.0 added new features that focus on GDPR enhancements, central configuration standardization, new Microsoft SQL Server database support, and secure payment solution extensions through a new partnership with the payment technologies platform PXP Intelligent Payment Solutions.

"We couldn't be more excited about our partnership with PXP,” says Michelle Young, vice president of sales and marketing for SpaSoft. “Our SpaSoft customers are comforted knowing that their data is protected as a result of our extensive security measures. Adding integration with PXP allows us to extend that peace of mind to our SpaSoft customers around the globe.”


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The new central configuration standardization enhancement enables more efficient use of the platform on a local level. Configurations can now be locked down and only changed at specific levels (if desired), and can only be unlocked with user clearance. The feature also allows spas to easily enter configurations to help accelerate the onboarding process and allows for reductions in system training time in an effort to increase in-spa efficiency.

In an effort to become completely database agnostic, or, to allow SpaSoft to run on multiple servers, SpaSoft 7.0 now offers the Microsoft SQL Server as a new data storage option. The addition of the server brings no change to the interface of the software but allows users of the Microsoft system to utilize SpaSoft. "As we move towards the future, SpaSoft will continue to open up the platform and offer our customers a variety of operational choices,” says Penka Sevova, SpaSoft general manager. “This includes hosting, enterprise, relational databases, reporting, and much more.”


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