Spread Awareness of Massage Benefits on Global Massage Makes Me Happy Day

Not only does March 20 mark the United Nations’ International Day of Happiness, the day also marks Global Massage Makes Me Happy Day. In partnership with the Global Wellness Institute (GWI), the celebratory day aims to inform the public on the healing powers of massage therapy, as well as promote research, global awareness, education, and advocacy.

“The Global Massage Makes Me Happy Day will be a great celebration of the happiness massage brings to millions of people throughout the year and throughout the globe,” says Lynda Solien-Wolfe, founder and chair of the GWI's Massage Makes Me Happy initiative. “Human beings need positive touch and we are committed to supporting the work of massage therapists and their professional growth. We look forward to the day massage therapy will be fully understood and honored as the powerful healing modality it is.”

Over the past decade, massage therapy has grown as more consumers are seeking out massage to both support and enhance their wellbeing. Though the industry may be receiving growth, experts like Solien-Wolfe believe there is still a lack of knowledge on the benefits and impact that it has on people.

According to the Massage Makes Me Happy initiative, researcher Tiffany Field, P.hD., has been conducting research on the impact massage therapy has for several decades. Many of her studies have shown that massage therapy is beneficial for a multitude of issues when used regularly, including easing pain, decrease in muscle tension and inflammation, increase in joint flexibility, and reduction of blood pressure. Therapeutic touch helps reduce pain and stress, which leads to happier lives. “Massage works because it changes your whole physiology,” says Field. “Massage creates a happy and healthy life.”

Global Massage Makes Me Happy Day will spread global awareness of the positive impacts of massage therapy through educating and sharing the benefits, collecting data and research, and creating systems and structure to help everyone better understand what massage can do them. Follow along on social media using the hashtags #MassageMakesMeHappyDay and #MMMHD.


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