Study Shows Customer Service is Imperative for Creating Consumer Loyalty

79% of consumers say they are more likely to continue visiting a spa if they can utilize online resources to book appointments. // Photo via Getty Images (Getty Images)

As certain states move to slowly re-open nonessential businesses, this has left spas and businesses with the challenge of bringing back customers. A survey conducted by DaySmart Software took a look at consumer behavior and determined what traits and characteristics consumers prefer in their go-to brands.

For spas and wellness businesses looking to develop loyal customers, these findings could help in bringing in both return and new customers.

Some of the key findings that the survey concluded was that when determining the type of establishment consumers choose, 62 percent of consumers believe quality of service is the most important trait when identifying their go-to businesses. Cost is the second most important at 40 percent, followed by convenience and reputation, tied at 32 percent.


When re-opening, it is essential that businesses keep in mind that the quality of goods and services will determine whether or not customers return. Sixty percent of consumers reported that they would never go to a business again if they ruined a service they went there for, like a haircut or manicure.

Another aspect to consider is employee interaction. The report indicated that how a consumer is treated will strongly impact their opinion of the establishment. In the report, 50 percent said that they would never go back to a business if an employee was rude to them and 77 percent said that they would be less likely to visit a business again after receiving bad customer service. Beyond that, 77 percent of consumers say they are more loyal to a particular employee than to a spa business itself.

“Employees are the heroes of the customer loyalty story—and the keys to unlocking critical benefits such as repeat business, referrals, constructive feedback, and more,” says Jeff Dickerson, CEO of DaySmart Software. “This survey supports the importance in investing in business management software to free up employees from repetitive, time-consuming tasks so they can pay more attention to learning employee preferences and building social rapport. By implementing the right tools, small businesses are investing in their two greatest assets: their team and their customer base.” Supporting Dickerson’s comments, the study found that 79 percent of consumers say they are more likely to continue visiting a spa if they can utilize online resources to book appointments.

For businesses that are looking to reopen in the coming months, the survey concludes that quality and customer service are imperative to establishing regular and loyal customers.


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