The 10 Best Features Used in Top Spa Softwares

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Spa software continues to evolve with new options that help streamline your business. Here are some of the most innovative features available in spa software today.

FLEXIBLE PACKAGE TRACKING: “You can now create packages that have interchangeable services and automatic upgrade prices for enhancements,” says Millennium Systems International’s John Harms. “For example, I could sell a package of massages that include a 60-minute Swedish massage. If the client gets a 90-minute or upgrades to deep tissue, the system will show a little ‘package’ icon that you can simply click next to the upgrades service in the register, and it adds an upgrade price in a split second.”

MARKETING FEATURES: “Clients used to throw a lot of their money at third-party software or business consultants, and now, they are realizing that with a little bit of training, they can take the lead on a lot of that by themselves,” says Eric Haugland, account management director at AestheticsPro.

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MOBILE APPS: Many software companies have created business management apps to further enhance technology offerings for spa professionals and clients. Stylie’s Stylie One, for example, is designed to cut down on time spent on administrative processes by managing all aspects of business from one application. “By handling inventory, scheduling, point-of-sale, credit-card processing, automated marketing, and more, Stylie One users can see their spa business practically run itself,” says Deb Hudson, head of business development for Stylie.

CLOUD TECHNOLOGY: “The era of on-premise software is long gone,” says Book4Time’s Roger Sholanki. “Artificial Intelligence is the new up-and-coming cutting-edge technology being implemented in business software, which will be integrated into traditional spa software features like bookings, self-checkouts, and marketing automation.”

PERSONALIZED CAMPAIGNS AND INVENTORY MANAGEMENT: “Automated and recurring marketing campaigns are expanding in their scope and sophistication,” says DaySmart Software’s Jeff Dickerson. “Combining your client database and matching it with purchase history in order to find people who have bought a certain product in the past, and then sending them a promotional campaign is the kind of next-generation inventory management being used by more savvy spas.”

MOBILITY: “Today, it is expected that spa employees do not have to be tied to a desk,” says SpaSoft’s Theresa Hamberger. “Check-in, check-out, and adding or editing preferences can all be done on the fly.”

STAFF MANAGEMENT: “Technology is making it easier for staff to call out, find replacements, and take additional bookings that are available,” says MindBody’s Dan Chandre.

LOYALTY PROGRAMS: “Many spas are creating loyalty programs to encourage their guests to continue coming back,” says ResortSuite’s Frank Pitsikalis. “The ability to market directly to your best customers with promotions and offers that pertain directly to their preferences and behavior is a huge advantage to both the spa and the wellness consumer.”

PUSH NOTIFICATIONS: “A cutting-edge feature is a ‘push notification’ that allows you to communicate with specific messaging or marketing or reminders without having to send a text and therefore removing yourself from the potential actionable cause of sending somebody a text that was unsolicited,” says ProSolutions Software’s Matthew Wiggins.

E-COMMERCE ASSISTANCE: Some software allows spas to sell products online without the hassle often associated with an e-commerce presence. For example, Aveda recently launched its new Salon A-Commerce, which is available to its global network. It is an online platform that enables spas and salons to increase profitability by selling products online without any of the time, investment, or inventory management of a traditional e-commerce business. Aveda handles the backend fulfillment and related costs for all orders placed through the platform.


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