Behind-the-Scenes Benefits of Spa Software

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There are many reasons why spa software is an integral part of running a spa business, so we asked several software experts what they believe to be the most important. Here’s what they had to say: 

  1. Helps your spa grow: “Technology, done right, helps a spa understand its strengths and weaknesses, makes key performance metrics available in the palm of a manager's or therapist’s hand, and helps influence client behaviors with upsell opportunities and rebooking,” says John Harms, founder and CEO of Millennium Systems International
  2. Satisfies clients’ expectations and desires: “Technology is of growing importance to every business, primarily because it's of growing importance to every consumer,” says Jeff Dickerson, CEO of DaySmart Software, makers of Salon Iris and Orchid Medical Spa Software. “They expect to be able to book appointments in the middle of the night or administer their loyalty points or spa memberships by logging into a portal. They expect to be able to pay by tapping their phone to your terminal on the way out. Consumers’ expectations are driving technology adoption across all businesses.” 
  3. Increases productivity: “Automation has freed up time previously spent on time-consuming administrative tasks such as manual appointment reminders,” says Patricia Cornet, marketing manager at Vagaro. “As a result, spa professionals can now return their focus to what really matters, the guest experience.”
  4. Elevates the guest experience: “Everything from booking appointments online, gathering guest intake information, recommending products, and upselling services can be done instantaneously,” says Theresa Hamberger, sales manager of corporate accounts at SpaSoft
  5. Helps spas communicate effectively with millennials: “Communicating with millennials in non-traditional ways is incredibly important,” says Matthew Wiggins, co-owner of ProSolutions Software. “They want fewer phone calls, fewer coupons, and fewer people to deal with. Yet, they also want more contact, more discounts, and attentiveness. While this may seem counterintuitive, the truth is that they want what everybody has always wanted, they just want it in new ways. That’s where technology comes in.”


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