Veil Cosmetics Launches Campaign for All Women

Vlada Haggerty, Jackie Volker, and Kamani Alana for Veil Cosmetics' new campaign. (Photo courtesy of Veil Cosmetics)

Veil Cosmetics, an Amazon favorite for its popular concealer, is launching a new campaign championing real women in the industry. 

To exhibit the brand’s appeal to all women, Veil Cosmetics tapped three women of varying ages, cultures, and backgrounds, and brought them together to showcase their natural beauty, something that cosmetics brand encourages with its signature products such as concealers, foundations, serums, and mattifying balm. Each product is made with real women in mind—women from all walks of life. The campaign features Jackie Volker, 46, a model, photographer and mother of six; Kamani Alana, 42, a multiracial celebrity makeup artist, beauty influencer and mother of two; and Vlada Haggerty, 35, a Ukrainian native, professional makeup artist, and photographer.

“Our products are created with real women in mind, not models on the covers of magazines,” says Sébastien Tardif, founder and CEO of Veil Cosmetics. “Products like our bestselling Complexion Fix work to enhance each individual’s natural beauty so you don’t need to mask your skin and can let your beauty shine through with Veil.”

Not only are Veil Cosmetics products vegan and cruelty free, they are also available in 30 unique shades. Regardless of age or skin tone, Veil’s new campaign encourages all women to embrace their own skin.  


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