Part 1: How Supporting Your Employees Can Strengthen Your Business

Along with simply being a nice thing to do, supporting employees and going above-and-beyond to improve their work environment and work culture makes good economic sense. After all, employees are the face of a brand. From the moment a spa-goer books an appointment or walks in the door to his or her next visit, it is the employees who set the tone for how the client views the brand and ultimately determines if the client will return and spend more money. Ensuring the interactions between the client and staff go well is simple: When employees are happy and well cared for, they feel loyal and more energetic about their position, and they will, in turn, take better care of the client, the equipment, and the workspace. And it’s not just spas that are incorporating more benefits. Suppliers and other wellness brands are also realizing the power of offering perks. 

The most effective way to create positive and productive employees is to offer employee extras. And in today’s competitive wellness industry workforce, benefit packages include more than just healthcare and paid vacation. In fact, according to the 2016 Workplace Wellness Study, 54 percent of full-time employees said that their employer offers a workplace wellness program, and two-thirds take advantage of programs when offered.  Stay tuned for part two of this series to learn how members of the spa industry are offering more to employees and getting good business in return.

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