Part 2: How Supporting Your Employees Can Strengthen Your Business

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The 2016 Workplace Wellness Study reports that only 37 percent of employees in the U.S. feel that their company cares about their personal wellness. However, employers can change this outlook by offering better benefits. A perk doesn’t have to be a free service, but it should provide added value. Check out what these spa industry members are offering.

At the headquarters of Sunlighten Saunas and the onsite Sunlight Day Spa (Overland Park, KS), the 70 employees have access to a licensed in-home daycare. Children up to two years old are welcome for the full day, and older kids are allowed to come after elementary school dismisses. Parents can stop in to visit during the day, and there is also a designated room for breastfeeding and pumping. Sunlighten also has a meal plan, which saves employees money and helps them live a healthy lifestyle. Three times a week, a staff chef makes a range of healthy lunches, including fish, Mexican and Italian cuisine, and vegetarian options. “Some days are more adventurous than others, but everything he makes comes from the homegrown, holistic angle. Everything is nourishing and designed to provide energy,” says day spa manager Kate Callaway. The plan, priced at $27 per week, also includes an afternoon snack.

The Wellhouse at Blackberry Farm (Walland, TN) encourages its 40 employees to live an active and healthy lifestyle with the Blackberry Fit program. This gives staff members the opportunity to take fitness classes at The Wellhouse and also participate in employee-only events like Spring Bootcamp, which involves a one-hour weekly workout session offered from April to the first week in May. Blackberry Fit will also pay a portion of the entrance fees for runs, cycling events, organized races, and more. Also, after six months of employment, workers receive a Team Member Dining opportunity, in which they can dine at a discounted rate in one of the onsite restaurants once per quarter with up to three guests. 

At The Wellhouse, employees can participate in fitness classes.

Oasis Day Spa (multiple locations) keeps morale up for its 125 workers by offering employee events throughout the year, including holiday parties where each employee gets a gift and cocktail parties or breakfast events with owner Bruce Schoenberg. Schoenberg also has an open-door policy with employees, offering them advice on both work and personal issues.

Rhonda Allison Cosmeceuticals, with 50 employees, focuses on making the workplace environment healthy by offering stand-up desks and thick cushioned pads for standing comfort. Employees are encouraged to go on power walks during the day and can take advantage of a complimentary Pilates and yoga class once a week. They’re also provided with free fitness club memberships. Additional benefits include an onsite kitchen stocked with healthy snacks and a four-day work week. “The shortened week gives employees a balanced lifestyle, and having three days to regroup and take care of their lives enables them to bring their all to the table when they’re at work,” says founder and CEO Rhonda Allison.

The Life in Balance Spa encourages staff to participate in the Equine Experience.

The Life in Balance Spa at Miraval (Tucson, AZ) has 120 employees and recently launched the Passport Program for the staff. It encourages employees to participate in lectures and programming that are otherwise available only to guests, including the Equine Experience and high ropes course. The activities are free for employees, and those who complete all 24 classes are eligible for a free two-night stay at Miraval.

Salt of the Earth (Wood Cross, UT) creates an environment that allows its employees to work and focus on their families. “We are very flexible with schedules when something comes up with family or in their personal lives,” says CEO Paul Heslop. “We let our employees take care of their families and what’s going on in their lives. Family is number one.”

Salt of the Earth staff bond  over office games.

The company also hosts a staff lunch at least once a month to help build camaraderie. Every Friday, the team also participates in Farewell Fridays, which gives the staff a chance to have fun with each other and relax. “We embarrass each other, prank each other, dance, sing, visit people with cancer and bring them products and dance on their doorstep, go to lunch, play a game, and mostly just have a good time.  We document this, and put it on our Facebook and Instagram every Friday,” says Heslop.

Technogym, with 14 branches and 2,000 employees worldwide, creates a healthy atmosphere for its team at the Technogym Village located in Cesena, Italy, which serves as the company’s headquarters. There, team members take part in the Corporate Wellness Program, which is based on three main ideas involving physical activity, a healthy diet, and a positive mental approach.

Technogym restaurant serves seasonal dishes.

There are specific training opportunities for individuals and groups, and educational activities are offered on subjects like team building and healthy eating habits. Also, all the workspaces promote health through the use of lighting, standing meetings, and wellness balls. There is also a Technogym restaurant, which serves up dishes using seasonal ingredients at no extra cost to the employee.

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