Part 3: How Supporting Your Employees Can Strengthen Your Business

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There’s the trickle-down theory in economics, and that same methodology of something starting at the top and having positive effects at the bottom can be applied when it comes to offering more benefits. When employees receive more benefits, they appreciate their workspace more, and that joy transfers to clients. Those patrons then spread the word about their pleasant experience, and more new clients visit for products and services. “We believe when employees are happy, so, too, are our clients,” says Rhonda Allison of Rhonda Allison Cosmeceuticals. "When there is a strong culture and employees are happy at work, that is very evident and can be felt by everyone they engage with. When the team is not happy, turnover tends to increase. When clients get used to working with someone on your staff and that person frequently changes, it can lead to inconsistencies in the customer experience.”

Engaged employees also create a welcoming space for the client. Carl Pratt, vice president and general manager of Miraval, believes that when employees go through the same programming as the guests, it provides them with more of a connection to the guest experience and enforces the authenticity of the entire environment for the client.

Employers can also inspire clients using social media to demonstrate their employee-first environment, which allows the relationship to grow outside the actual business.  “By showing a culture online of us enjoying our jobs, loving what we do, and being passionate about what we do, this makes it so everyone wants to be a part of the brand.  Whether they are a consumer or a potential employee,” says Salt of the Earth’s CEO Paul Heslop.