Spa Talk with Phoenician Spa's Sheryl McCormick

Phoenician Spa at The Phoenician // Photo credit: Mark Boisclair Photography via The Phoenician(Mark Boisclair Photography // The Phoenician)

Meet Sheryl McCormick, spa director at Phoenician Spa at The Phoenician, A Luxury Collection Resort (Scottsdale, AZ) who got her start in the industry working retail. 

Phoenician Spa
Sheryl McCormick, spa director, Phoenician Spa

American Spa: What was the path that led you into the spa industry? 
Sheryl McCormick: I had a retail career in a department story prior to coming to The Phoenician as the director of retail. After 20 years of retail experience, I was ready for a new challenge. The spa director position opened up in 2005, and I asked for the job. 

AS: What are the most challenging and rewarding parts of working in the spa industry? 
SM: I find it challenging to manage a large staff and take care of a large number of guests each day while trying to make each one feel special. The daily rewards are the best. I love seeing our guests float out of the spa after their treatments and receiving so many positive guest comments, knowing that we got it right.  

AS: What is your proudest accomplishment?
SM: Having the opportunity to work with consultants, architects, designers, and the construction team in creating and opening this beautiful spa. 

AS: What has surprised you most about working in the spa industry? 
SM: I am always surprised when people say to me, “It must be so relaxing to work in a spa.” 

AS: What qualities do you look for in your spa staff?
SM: Besides the professional experience, I look for someone with a nurturing presence and a genuine, beautiful smile. 

AS: Where do you think the industry is heading?
SM: I see the growth coming in the use of alternative methods for reducing stress and relieving pain through meditation, yoga, and CBD products. 

AS: What’s your favorite skincare ingredient?
SM: Hyaluronic acid. It is a must for hydration and anti-aging repair when living in the desert. I love to mix it with my other favorite serums. 

AS: What’s your go-to spa treatment? 
SM: Hydrafacial, followed by a visit to our Drybar!

AS: Which brands are your go-to favorites?
SM: Kerstin Florian and Glycelene are all over my bathroom vanity. 

AS: What two things about you don’t we know?
SM: I have dual citizenship in the U.S. and UK. And I love to draw; I want to go to art school when I retire. 

AS: What positions have you worked in that you feel have been most influential to your career?
SM: I’ve only had two positions, and I still do them both.  

AS: If you could work in any other profession in the world, what would it be?
SM: I think it would be fun to be a pastry chef. 

AS: How would you sum up your personal philosophy?
SM: "Keep calm, and carry on."

AS: What’s the best advice you’ve received?
SM: Try to live a balanced life and make time for self-care every day.


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