5 High Frequency Beauty Brands Worth Bringing Into Your Spa

With great power comes great responsibility, and truth be told, spa owners and managers have so much power. Power not only to help clients feel good about themselves, but to actually make them better people, in turn creating a better planet. How? By offering high frequency product lines both in the treatment room and on the sales floor. 

But what exactly is high frequency, and why is it good? 

Without going into a lengthy scientific breakdown, the simplest explanation is that everything is made up of vibrating particles and energy, not only people, plants, and product, but the desk, chair, door, and massage table. It’s the speed of vibration that makes things appear solid, liquid, or gas. Frequency, in this instance, refers to how fast particles are vibrating, which is measured in hertz (Hz). Healthy humans vibrate around 65-70 MHz, anything below 58 MHz is when disease develops, and bacteria and viruses can spread. To put it into perspective, pure rose oil vibrates at 320 MHz and lavender oil at 118 MHz. 

Since everything has a frequency and is essentially alive and vibrating, both high and low vibrations add to the overall frequency of humanity and the planet. As such, powerful spa owners and managers can add to the healing of the entire planet just by offering high frequency product that help clients heal, grow, and awaken. 

Here are five brands that go above and beyond this quantum field to bring your clients the best high frequency ingredients and infuse them with healing energy, so there is never a chance for product to drop in vibration during production or shipping.


  1. ISUN: This hand-crafted, high-performance line sources sustainable, organic, wildcrafted ingredients from indigenous people using sacred practices that honor the spirit of the plants, keeping nutrients high-vibe and alive with cold-processing and enhanced energy techniques. ISUN was voted best Organic Body Experience 2020 in Harper’s Bazaar Singapore.
  2. Max and Me: A luxury skincare line that goes beyond organic sourcing, tuning into the underlying energetic frequencies of the plants and ritual, creating sacred space to bring the body back into balance, nurture self-healing, and promote emotional and mental clarity at a cellular level. Max and Me ensures its high frequency and potency by employing both a scientific board and shamans.
  3. PHYTO 5: This energetic, five-element skincare line treats both the skin and vital energy, the “chi” of the client, harmonizing mood and emotion with the seasons. All products in the line, with the exception of the shampoo and conditioner, are quantum energetic high vibrational and can be used alone or with a series of chromatherapy (colored light) treatments to lift and tone skin.
  4. Eternal Gold: A dramatically youth-enhancing skincare line out of Frisco, CO, that utilizes the potency and consciousness of living orbitally rearranged monoatmoic elements (known as ORMUS), gold, and the energetic intelligence of scalar energy to actually activate divinity codes within the DNA, allowing the user to heal, grow, and awaken.

  5. TO112: If your spa offers hair treatments as well, consider bringing in TO112, the only full line of haircare formulated in rooms charged with 528 Hz, the sound frequency of love.



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