Beauty Fridges Arrive in Paradise Thanks to Puunoa Beach Estates

Malie products are organic and plant-based. // Photo by Malie

Maui is keeping it cool with Puunoa Beach Estates’ debut of beauty fridges. The wellness trend arrives to the Hawaiian Islands in the form of the new Puunoa Glow package (one night, $1,396), which was created in partnership with Kauai-based skincare brand Malie

The beauty fridge. // Photo by Maile

The package includes a Malie BotanyBeauty Box in each beauty fridge, a hydrosol facial tonic, eye cream, serum, and cleansing polish. All Malie products contain organic, plant-based ingredients that are fragrance-free. Additionally, a basket of local fruits and vegetables is available for making your own water infusions. An ice bucket, chilled towels, cucumbers, and reef-safe sunscreen is also provided for protection and relaxation. 

The Puunoa Beach Estates are located on an oceanfront property in Lahaina, HI. With the new inclusion of beauty fridges, the emerging trend for proper storage of beauty products, a Maui vacation sounds all the more tempting. 


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