Discover the Jurlique Product That's a Proven Retail Superstar

Get to know Louis Chabert, director of North American sales and marketing for Jurlique. // Photo courtesy of Jurlique

Jurlique began more than 30 years ago in the natural hills of Southern Australia, and since then, the brand has found the answers to its formulations in nature. Jurlique prides itself on its unique Seed to Skin process, during which Jurlique farmers grow natural ingredients on an advanced biodynamic and organic farm in the same Adelaide Hills where Jurlique began. By growing its own ingredients, Jurlique can make sure its botanicals can thrive without synthetic pesticides and herbicides, ensuring that no harmful ingredients make their way onto the skin or into the environment.

Thanks to the brand's Bio-Intrinsic Process, Jurlique has become known for creating powerful skincare lines that deliver results. So much so that according to Louis Chabert, director of North American sales and marketing, some products just know how to sell themselves. Here, get to know Chabert as well as the story behind Jurlique, the brand's recently revamped hero products, what works for the skin and what works on Instagram, and much more—in an exclusive video interview from Spatec by American Spa.

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