Reveals Some of the Best Sunscreen Ingredients

Board-certified dermatologists at discuss the best sunscreen ingredients and which ones to avoid. Photo credit: spukkato/iStock/Getty Images Plus

Board-certified dermatologists at are here with their thoughts on the best sunscreen ingredients and what to avoid as we close out the summer.

They suggest looking for:

  •     Broad-Spectrum: Protects from both UVA and UVB rays.
  •     Fragrance-Free: Lower risk of allergy and irritation.
  •     Non-Comedogenic: Will not clog pores.
  •     SPF30 or higher

FDA-approved sunscreen ingredients:


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  •     Aminobenzoic acid
  •     Avobenzone
  •     Cinoxate
  •     Dioxybenzone
  •     Homosalate
  •     Meradimate
  •     Octocrylene
  •     Octinoxate
  •     Octisalate
  •     Oxybenzone
  •     Padimate O
  •     Ensulizole
  •     Sulisobenzone
  •     Titanium dioxide
  •     Trolamine salicylate
  •     Zinc oxide

Ingredients to avoid, according to

Oxybenzone can be irritating to the skin when applied. It can also be absorbed into the bloodstream, upsetting the body’s natural hormone levels.

Retinyl Palmitate breaks down when exposed to sunlight. It can damage skin cells and DNA cells.

Fragrance or Alcohol can irritate and dry out the skin.


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