Five Simple Bridal Skincare Tips That Actually Work

(ASphotowed / iStock / Getty Images Plus) Here are five simple tips to keep client's skin clear for their big day. // Credt: ASphotowed/iStock/Getty Images Plus

As the go-to beauty spot for many brides, your spa and estheticians provide the first line of defense against bridal breakouts and more. Seven Brown, founder and esthetician at Harlem Skin Clinic (New York City), has shared her top five tips for brides to keep their skin camera-ready on the big day—these may seem like no-brainers to fellow professionals, but they make all the difference for brides.

  1. Remember to use sunscreen to protect skin all year long. 90 percent of aging comes from the sun. Don't think the only time skin is at risk is summer or at the beach. Harmful UV rays  can be reflected onto skin from buildings and even sidewalks
  2. Gentle exfoliation once a week without abrasively scrubbing the skin will keep new skin turning over.
  3. Cleaning makeup brushes frequently can prevent unnecessary breakouts. If you're not doing your client's makeup on their big day, remind them they need to wash their brushes after each application to prevent bacteria build up.
  4. Suggest adding a serum to their daily regimen — serums are the product in any line that does the real work.
  5. Drink plenty of water – hydrated skin is healthier skin!

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