Nine Can’t Miss Bridal Beauty Tips

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Planning a wedding can have brides both looking and feeling stressed out. To combat that, Well Spa + Salon, a luxury day spa and salon located in the Pfister Hotel (Milwaukee, WI), is offering up some beauty tips that will have your clients walking down the aisle feeling and looking their best.

“We know the stress brides feel as they plan their wedding day while also preparing to look their best,” says Elizabeth Walsh-Zimmermann, director of Well Spa + Salon. “That’s why we offer brides moisturizing spa treatments, beautiful hairstyles, and striking makeup to ensure that their special day is as perfect as they could have imagined it.”

Here, find out what the spa and salon suggests you can recommend to clients to ensure their big day goes smoothly.

1. Start with a facial: Your client’s skin will be visible in their wedding photos for the rest of their life. To make sure they’re looking their best, treating their skin with a facial to ensure proper moisture is key. Well Spa + Salon suggests brides-to-be to get their signature Thermo Active Anti-Aging Facial ($160, 1 hour 15 minutes). Try recommending clients get a facial 30 days prior to their wedding, then doing it again 10 days before tying the knot.

2. Moisturize twice a day: Our skin repairs itself while we sleep, so it’s important to make sure clients cleanse at night to remove the stress of planning a wedding during the day and bring the moisture back to their skin at night. Reminding clients to moisturize twice daily will give them the radiant glow they’re looking for on their big day.

3. Exfoliate the skin: Well Spa + Salon recommends using Phytomer’s Vegetal, a gentle facial exfoliant twice a week to remove dry dead skin from the epidermis, leaving skin smooth and renewed. 

4. Hydrate: Hydrating is essential to maintaining proper moisture and nutrients for skin cells. Water naturally flushes toxins out. This will enhance their complexion and leave them with soft, healthy-looking skin that’s ready for the big day.

5. Focus on more than just the face: Tell your clients to exfoliate and moisturize before their wedding. Recommend they focus on dry, patchy areas like elbows, knees, and heels as dirt is attracted to dry skin and can appear darker in photos. Well Spa + Salon offers an aroma glow body scrub to soften and polish the skin to look its best on their wedding day.

6. Self-tan for an added glow: Make sure your client tests a self-tanner before their wedding to make sure it applies evenly and doesn’t rub off on their dress. Well Spa + Salon recommends the Body Bronzing treatment ($60 Monday-Thursday; $65 Friday-Sunday) leaving clients looking sun-kissed and beautifully bronzed.

7. Ensure clients get a hair and makeup trial: Beauty trials guarantee that clients will know what they’re getting prior to the big day. Remind them that a trial will help them find a hairstyle and makeup that is best suited for their specific look and location.

8. Inform them on the newest wedding day trends: Suggest clients try some fun new wedding trends, like organic chic hair. This whimsical look incorporates braids, twists, and flowers making hair look effortless, yet polished. Some brides will even have a loose updo during the ceremony and pull it down for the reception.

9. Suggest airbrushed makeup for the ultimate glam look: With high-definition cameras showing every small flaw or discoloration, many brides are turning to airbrush makeup. Airbrush makeup lasts for hours and will fill all their pores to create a clean look. This is a nice alternative compared to foundation that simply covers their skin and doesn’t last through the night.

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