Five Unique Uses for Skin Oils

Skin oils are making a resurgence into the beauty world. // Photo credit: katerinchik73/iStock/Getty Images Plus

Gone are the days when oils was banned from any and all skin products – research has proven that Americans are experiencing an intense dry spell due to the fear of creating oily, saturated and congested skin. As we learn that we need to hydrate our skin more, oils are actually resurfacing throughout the beauty world. Because oils are becoming more mainstream and popular, new uses for these oils are being continuously being discovered. Here are five of the newest ways oils are being used when it comes to skincare, as told to American Spa by skincare professionals Alexis Mayne and Janel Luu.

  1. The use of oils in facial cleansers:  “The multi-benefit quality of oils allows them to be ideal pre-cleansers to break up oil and makeup,” says Sanitas Skincare’s Alexis Mayne. 
  2. The use of oils in anti-acne facial remedies: “The oils, when used as part of a process, help to purge acne-causing bacteria and help restore the skin’s natural moisture balance, helping to harmonize unsteady complexions,” says Mayne.
  3. The use of oils in bodycare: “Body oils impart moisture and shine without the waxy residue associated with many traditional body creams and lotions,” says Mayne. “These are often sold as serums or body mists.”
  4. The addition of oils in products used in the treatment room: “Oils can help increase an esthetician’s skills in ‘mixology’ when a few drops are blended into oil-based serums or moisturizers to boost hydration, brightness, or suppleness as well as to create an aromatherapy experience,” says Janel Luu of Le Mieux Cosmetics and PurErb.
  5. The use of oils post-shave: “Men and women use skin oils after shaving or exfoliating to soothe irritated skin,” says Luu. 


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