The Foods You Need for Glowing Skin

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As the saying goes, beauty is only skin deep, and a profound sense of wellbeing doesn’t start from the surface, but from within. “Eliminating pesticides and eating an organic healthy diet, free of processed foods, artificial flavors, and low in sugar is a great way to start detoxing your skin from the inside out,” says Boldijarre Koronczay, president of Eminence Organic Skin Care. Indeed, you are what you eat, and a healthy body typically translates to glowing skin.

Elizabeth Trattner, A.P., a specialist in Chinese and Integrative Medicine, recommends foods such as salmon and omega-3-rich fatty fish, which lower inflammation; green tea and matcha for the polyphenols and antioxidants that reduce oxidative stress; and sea buckthorn, a tart orange berry that’s high in omega 7s. There are numerous detoxifying products that spas can retail to help clients purify their bodies from the inside out, such as Detox Teas from Kusmi, bio-fermented super-food powders from The Beauty Chef, the 14-Day Teatox program from Affect Health, and the 7-Day Kit, which includes a shake for breakfast and dinner along with targeted supplements from Clean. M’lis’s Alicia Brown suggests clients with problem skin start with the 7-day M’lis detox cleanse. It’s also important to encourage clients to drink plenty of water to help keep their cells hydrated and top-functioning.

Offering lifestyle guidance for a mind-body approach to skin health can help spa-goers reach their overall goals. Because stress and other negative emotions can cause inflammation and other issues, don’t discount a digital detox. Says Trattner, who maintains meditation and mindfulness practices to help with the “mental detox” needed in our frenetically paced world, “Disconnecting is now part of our daily lives to keep us in a healthier place, physically and emotionally.”


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