Four Skincare Oil Myths Debunked

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Skin and face oils are gaining popularity these days thanks in part to spas and companies debunking the myths and concerns some clients have about using them. Today, even formerly anti-oil spa-goers are now jumping on the bandwagon. Here are some of the most common oil-based myths and why they are false.

Myth: People with acne-prone skin should avoid using oils.
“The most persistent myth surrounding oils is that they clog pores or exacerbate oiliness and acne, but topically applied oils—particularly when chosen for the correct skin type—can be helpful for a variety of skin conditions, including acne,” says Alexis Mayne, vice president of research and development for Sanitas Skincare. “For example, restoring the skin barrier and helping balance excessive oil production can help reduce sebum production. Many oils also have strong antioxidant components and can help reduce the redness and sensitivity of acne and diminish post-breakout discolorations.” 

Myth: Oils clog pores. 
“Some people believe that oils sit on top of the skin, clog pores, and cause breakouts,” says Janel Luu of Le Mieux Cosmetics and PurErb. “However, oils with high levels of essential fatty acids are easily absorbed, because they resemble the oils naturally found in the skin. Plus, oil dissolves oil, so oils can help sweep away pore-clogging debris.” 


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Myth: Oils are not suitable for clients with oily skin.
“Many people believe if they have oily skin, they want to stay away from oils in products,” says Pevonia International’s Melissa Morris. “This concept is not necessarily true. It is important to remember that our skin’s protective barrier is made partially of oil, and this barrier is necessary to keep the skin from becoming sensitive, prematurely aged, susceptible to infection, or more. As long as you are using skin-friendly oils that are non-comedogenic and using the products as directed, oils can be your friend.” 

Myth: Oils are too heavy for daytime use.
 “When oils are properly refined and prepared, it is quite the opposite experience,” says Rhonda Allison, founder and CEO of Rhonda Allison Cosmeceuticals. “Serum oils will quickly absorb into the skin, eliminating the oily appearance or feeling too heavy.”

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