How Supracor Drew Inspiration from Nature to Develop its Effective Products

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What do Reebok, Chanel, and Disney World have in common with the spa industry? Each brand has incorporated a flexible fusion-bonded honeycomb, developed by the founders of Supracor, into its products. Founded in 1982, Supracor was developed using the principal of biomimicry: the practice of developing sustainable human technologies inspired by nature. The brand studied natural, hexagonal honeycomb structures created by bees to uncover how the shape of the comb became an efficient design for honey storage. Then, the brand begun to think outside the box regarding how the honeycomb shape can be beneficial in man-made products. Thus, the flexible fusion-bonded honeycomb was born.

The design is used to make everything from shoes to wheelchairs to horse saddles more comfortable. It’s been used to cushion lap belts at amusement parks and in other safety designs. Most recently, Supracor’s patented technology has entered the lifestyle market with a number of spa and bodycare inspired products. The shape of the flexible fusion-bonded honeycomb allows for good exfoliation and cleansing of the skin, as well as stimulating blood flow and lymphatic drainage.

Below, discover how Supracor’s technology works, as well as why spa directors are loving it both professionally and personally, from the brand’s director of business development, Steven Landi, as he chats with American Spa’s executive editor Heather Mikesell live from Spatec.


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