Valentine's Day How To: Repêchage's Fusion Chocolate Espresso Face & Body Sugar Scrub Treatment

Repêchage's Fusion Chocolate Espresso Face & Body Sugar Scrub // Photo courtesy of Repêchage

While the long-standing myth is that chocolate can cause break outs, the truth is that chocolate, when included in skincare treatments, can actually be very beneficial for the skin. This romantic season, help your clients indulge in a little chocolate with Repêchage's new Fusion Chocolate Espresso Face and Body Sugar Scrub. The indulgent, cleansing, and invigorating formulas gently exfoliate rough, dry skin, combining softening sugar with sustainably-harvested seaweed extracts and other natural ingredients to refine skin from the delicate face and décolleté to the feet and beyond.

Available in retail and backbar sizes, Repêchage's Fusion Chocolate Espresso Face and Body Scrub utilizes sucrose, laminaria digitata seaweed extract, aloe barbadensis extract, cocoa seed powder, coffee seed powder, Madagascar vanilla seed powder, and a multi-fruit complex to awaken the senses and skin. Ideal for all skin types, the scrub helps exfoliate dull, dry skin and helps shed dead skin cells.

The treatment can be offered as a stand-alone menu item or can be practiced as an add-on to a facial, manicure, or pedicure to create a specialized body treatment. The 60-minute treatment can be received as often as desired, though it should be noted to avoid using the scrub on acne- and rosacea-prone skin.

Here, discover how to perform the 10-step Repêchage Fusion Chocolate Espresso Face & Body Sugar Scrub Treatment.

  1. Have the client undress in a room provided for them with disposable underwear and bra if needed. 
  2. Place a bowl of water and relaxing essential oils under the headrest. Once changed, instruct the client to lie face down on the bed. We recommend this at the beginning of the service in order to enhance their relaxation experience by allowing them to inhale the aromatherapeutic oils while lying face downward. 
  3. Cover the client with a Mylar sheet. Uncover one leg at a time and spray with alcohol. Gently buff skin with a Repêchage Dry Brush to remove grime and oils. Repeat this process on the opposite leg, then on the back. 
  4. Remove 4 oz. of the Repêchage Fusion Chocolate Espresso Face and Body Scrub from the container and place in a rubber bowl. Dispense one teaspoon full of the scrub and begin to massage the back with moistened fingertips. You may also use hot stones. Perform circular massage for five minutes. Cover back with Mylar sheet and proceed on to one leg, uncovering it from the sheet. 

    Apply a teaspoon of the scrub and massage the entire back of leg for five minutes. Cover and proceed to the opposite leg. 
  5. Return to the back and remove the Repêchage Fusion Chocolate Espresso Face and Body Scrub with wet, hot towels, then cover back with dry, hot towel when finished. Repeat this process for both the legs. Make sure the scrub is thoroughly removed before applying dry towel and proceeding. 
  6. Have the client turn over on their back, and apply a Repêchage Lamina Lift Hydrating Seaweed Mask to the face. 
  7. Proceed with massage on the arms and legs, first spraying with alcohol, then gently buffing with a dry brush. Work systematically. Once finished, proceed with the application of the Repêchage Fusion Chocolate Espresso Face and Body Scrub and massage onto each arm and leg with hot stones, one at a time. Remove scrub with hot, wet towels one at a time as well, covering with a dry, hot towel. Make sure scrub is thoroughly removed. 
  8. Provide a five minute Shiatsu massage to the face over the Repêchage Lamina Lift Hydrating Seaweed Mask. Once completed, remove mask but do not remove residue. 
  9. If client wishes to take a shower, escort them to the shower area if you have one in your spa. When they return, or if they have remained in the room, finish the service with a light, full body massage using an appropriate Repêchage body oil or cream. 
  10. Have the client sit up and offer them a glass of water. Now is the time to recommend Repêchage home care products to the client to continue the benefits of this professional treatment at home. 


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