How to Transition Clients to The Best Seasonal Looks

Matte Lipsticks
Here's how you can help clients look their best this winter // Photo credit: SergeyTay/iStock/Getty Images Plus

Clients may find it difficult to put away the sheer lip glosses and highlighters they have been wearing for the past few months, but with guidance, you can help them transition into a more muted seasonal look.

“Summer and fall are about the natural glow," says Alicia Grande, CEO of Grande Cosmetics. "You can still achieve this in winter, but maybe reach for a deeper matte shade.” You might find that the word "matte" can be scary to some clients who fear drying out their skin. But there are ways to still give them a trendy look that is comfortable.

“Focus on satin-matte or hydrating liquid foundation to keep the complexion looking fresh and glowing,” says Mehrbano Sethi, CEO of Luscious Cosmetics. Also, remind clients that just because it is winter, it doesn’t mean their skin can’t glow.


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“As temperatures drop, the skin can become dry and lackluster. Focus on maintaining that summer glow by transitioning foundation to a dewy finish,” says Jane Iredale’s Natalie Soto-Carlisle, who is opting for cherry reds on the lips and eyes.

The time between seasons is also an ideal moment to encourage clients to try a new formula or brand “Usually, as summer tans fade, clients will shop for a new shade of foundation,” says Soto-Carlisle. “This is the ideal time to teach them about a new formula with added hydration as well as bolder lip colors to bump up a winter look,” she says.

Pro artist and creator of Veil Cosmetics, Sebastien Tardif, who is choosing bright reds for lips and pantone Sphinx for eyes this winter, says changing formulas is akin to keeping a healthy diet. “If you eat the same thing everyday, your body will lack certain nutritional elements essential for healthy living. With makeup, opting for new brands helps you stay engaged with new makeup techniques, looks, and technology.” 


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