Italy's Popular Pietro Simone Skincare Heads Stateside

Pietro Simone Skincare sat down with American Spa to talk about its USA debut. // Photo credit: Pietro Simone Skincare

When Pietro Simone, founder and CEO of Pietro Simone Skincare, decided he wanted to bring his brand over to the United States and to partner with more spas around the world, he knew there was no better event to attend than Spatec by American Spa. Simone founded his namesake brand in 2013, though the self-proclaimed dynamic, young zeitgeist of the beauty industry has been interested in skincare and beauty since his early childhood. Through his years of passion, Simone developed and eventually trademarked his Italian Bella Complex, a unique combination of local Italian ingredients used in Pietro Simone Skincare products to help skin to look its best, regardless of age and environmental stressors.

But why branch out to the States when you've developed a successful brand across the pond? Part of the Pietro Simone Skincare mission is to bring the world its skincare and spa treatments that have become synonymous with being made in Italy, having to uphold strict European beauty standards. 

Below, learn more about Pietro Simone Skincare from Simone himself, with help from Victoria Boscarino, the brand's USA accounts manager, and Mark Rizzo, chief financial officer of Pietro Simone Skincare, in an interview with American Spa associate editor Samantha Reed live from SPATEC by American Spa.


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