Live from IECSC with Stare Cosmetics

Get the scoop on Stare Cosmetics in this product demo video interview // Screengrab via American Spa YouTube (STARE Cosmetics)

Picture this: you walk out of the spa feeling fresh-faced after an amazing facial from your esthetician. You promise yourself you're going to keep your skin this glowing by following the suggested skincare regimen to a T, but two weeks post-facial your skin isn't glowing anymore despite your strict upkeep. What could have happened? This is what inspired the creation of Stare Cosmetics.

Female owned and California-based Stare Cosmetics was developed to fill the gap between makeup and skincare. The brand's founders drew from their many years working with estheticians specializing in corrective skin issues and set out to create a makeup line that would not exacerbate existing skin conditions and would beautifully enhance all skin types. Most importantly, the brand wanted to keep out as many unnecessary fillers, harmful chemicals, and dyes as possible, focusing on new, better, and healthier ingredients. As such, Stare Cosmetics is always gluten- and paraben-free.

The result is a cruelty-free cosmetic line that nourishes the skin like skincare products would, featuring lasting long-wear coverage and colors while conscientiously including only quality ingredients. Stare believes as humans who are concerned about what we put in our bodies, we should also be aware of what we put on our skin. Since the skin absorbs what is put on it, making a healthier choice of products is an important element of consumer purchasing decisions. With so many cosmetic lines saturating the market, Stare Cosmetics knows it must provide a quality, high performing makeup to stand out amongst the crowd. 

American Spa met with Coleen Janeway, brand advisor for Stare Cosmetics, at IECSC Las Vegas recently to get the scoop on what's new with the line and find out some of her favorite Stare Cosmetics products. Check out why she loves the Botanical Shadow Primer in conjunction with the bold Gel Eyeliner and the Dare to Stare Mascara, plus some fun shades to create the perfect pout, in the video demo below.

Be sure to check out all of the American Spa product demos from IECSC, SPATEC, and beyond on our new YouTube Channel.


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