PCA Skin Addresses Consumer and Professional Skincare Needs

The company launched new kits to help consumers address skincare concerns that can arise from wearing protective face masks. Photo credit: PCA Skin

PCA Skin launched new preventative and reparative kits to help consumers address skincare concerns that can arise from wearing personal protective face masks for long hours to prevent the spread of COVID-19. The brand also plans to provide specialized seminars and training to educate professionals on how to treat these specific skin concerns of their patients. “As a leading professional skincare brand, it is our job to adapt to the changing needs of both our consumers and professionals," says Joanna Zucker, CEO of PCA Skin. "With people wearing protective masks in everyday life, we wanted to provide effective solutions for the skin concerns that come along with this new normal. Beyond that, we also wanted to use our education platforms to ensure professionals are equipped and ready to support any patients with personal protective mask related skin concerns.”

The brand tapped their advisory board of expert dermatologists to help create the ideal regimens to address skin protection and skin recovery. The new skincare kits are specifically tailored to help with skin barrier function, which can be impaired from wearing any type of face mask for extended periods of time. An impaired barrier can leave skin vulnerable and lead to skin-related concerns including moisture loss, irritation, itching, redness, and hypersensitivity. The Skin Protection Kit features products to protect skin from potential irritation before wearing a personal protective mask, and the Skin Recovery Kit helps treat and relieve skin from any mask-related skin damage such as dryness, irritation, and redness.

For professionals, the brand is offering educational seminars geared toward various conditions they may see from patients as part of their ‘Treatment Tuesdays.’ Additionally, a new online PCA Skin Academy course focused on PPE-related concerns will be offered. The new course will provide an in-depth understanding of the adverse effects PPE use can have on skin, and identify preventative care and restorative treatments for PPE users. It includes the most effective at-home weekly treatments, products, and protocols for PPE-damaged skin. PCA SKIN Academy courses are available to licensed professionals at http://education.pcaskin.com/.


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