The Safer Skincare Trend that Celebrities are Endorsing

Sunless tanning is the latest popular trend among celebrities. // Photo credit: erikreis/iStock/Getty Images Plus

There’s no denying that celebrities have a huge influence on people’s spending, especially in today’s society with the impact of social media. When it comes to sunless tanning, the celeb-effect is responsible for much of the category’s popularity today. While sunless-tanning mistakes on celebrities in the past (who can forget Charlize Theron’s orange-colored skin at the 2004 Oscars?) has led some to continue to be wary of sunless tanning, the fact that many celebrities are very vocal about their love of sunless tanning and many admit that their beautiful glow isn’t real, has increased the popularity and growth of these services among people of all ages.

Brands such as Vita Liberata, which provides the sunless tanning for Victoria’s Secret Angels, South Seas Skin Care’s partnership with ABC’s “Dancing with the Stars,” and Infinity Sun’s work seen on Jessica Alba for the Nickelodeon Kids’ Choice Awards, know firsthand the benefits that spas receive by offering the same sunless-tanning products that are used on celebrities. “If a client can receive the same service and results as a celebrity, they can look, feel, and act confident like one,” says South Seas Skin Care’s Julie Nostrand.

However, even if a spa does not offer a brand with a direct tie to celebrities, Nostrand recommends that they display pictures of tanned celebrities from magazines or red-carpet events to get clients’ attention. Also, if celebrities talk about getting a spray tan for a red-carpet event on social media, even if they don’t mention the brand or who tanned them, it often drives clients to the spa so they can experience the treatment themselves. Therefore, it’s a good idea to repost or put a link to the quote on the spa’s social media platforms, perhaps with information about the spa’s sunless-tanning services or a special promotion.


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