The Secret to Plumping Up Skin from the Inside Out

It's important to reduce the breakdown of natural collagen within the skin. // Photo Credit: Yulia Lisitsa/iStock/Getty Images Plus

Topical and ingestible collagen help skin regain its youthful appearance, but it’s important to also slow down and prevent the breakdown of natural collagen. Here are a few tips from our experts on how clients can do this:

  • “Start to use high-quality skincare products that contain natural ingredients that boost the skin’s production of collagen starting as early as age 35. This will help the skin to keep up with collagen production at the time that it naturally starts to slow down.”—Angela Eriksen, director of education, Phytomer
  • “Protect the collagen against glycation; these nasty little sugar molecules can make our bouncy and flexible collagen fibers become brittle, like hardened caramel. This means stay away from processed sugars.” —Fabienne Lindholm, international director of education, Babor
  • “Use concentrated, peptide-based products with growth factors, vitamins, and minerals to help impact collagen synthesis within the skin.” —Janel Luu, founder and CEO, Le Mieux Cosmetics and PurErb
  • “Follow a daily routine that will keep the face radiant and luminous: Use an exfoliating gel or mask to remove dead cells and impurities, cleanse skin twice daily and use a toner afterwards, apply a moisturizer with sunscreen every day, and use a collagen-regenerating cream every night.” —Ada Lamela, director of education for the U.S. West Coast and global corporate educator, Pevonia
  • “Do a dry-brushing of the body and face to facilitate lymphatic drainage and keep the cellular waste moving. Anything that stimulates circulation will help decelerate the breakdown of collagen.”—Jamé Heskett, M.D., author of The Well Path and consultant, HydroPeptide


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