Sorella Apothecary Launches New Products

Photo credit: Sorella Apothecary

Sorella Apothecary announced the launch of its newest products, Glow Boost Stimulating Solution and Glacier Ice Globes, to it backbar line for professional use. The Globe Boost Stimulating Solution can accompany select Sorella Apothecary exfoliants or masks to oxygenate, flush, and repair the skin while dramatically increasing circulation. This treatment warms up the skin and can be followed with the use of the Glacier Ice Globes to cool the skin, reducing redness and inflammation. Glacier Ice Globes are also available for retail sales allowing clients to take the treatment experience home. “Rather than creating six new products, we created one that gives the esthetician so much variety in their back bar,” says Emily Sindlinger, co-founder of Sorella Apothecary. “It will give them the confidence to grow their clientele or add to their existing clients’ service because this is a more intensive treatment that must be applied by a professional.”

The Glow Boost Stimulating Solution helps to increase oxygenation in the skin while also stimulating the skin to increase cellular renewal, while the Glacier Ice Globes reduce under-eye puffiness, inflammation, and redness, all while giving a relaxing facial massage. 


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