Three Questions to Ask Before Performing Dairy-Based Treatments for Clients

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Despite the myriad benefits that dairy-based treatments and products offer, there are many clients who remain concerned and skeptical when it comes to applying dairy to their skin. We asked our skincare experts for some advice on handling these concerns with clients, and here’s what they had to say:

How can spas ensure a client is right for a dairy-based treatment?

“An allergy to dairy could cause any variety of reactions, ranging from inflammation to discoloration or something more severe internally. Always ask clients about allergies and whether they are vegan prior to any treatment, and do a patch test.”
—Rhonda Allison, founder and CEO, Rhonda Allison Cosmeceuticals 

What is one of the biggest concerns clients have about dairy-based treatments and products?

“The number-one question we receive is whether the milk or yogurt we’re using is from the U.S. With recent scares in China about tainted milk, customers want to know that milks used are from animals raised in the U.S., and it’s an added benefit if they are free range, as there is great concern for the welfare of animals.”
—Shannon McLinden, president and founder, FarmHouse Fresh


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How can spas address concerns about dairy causing acne and breakouts?

“Milk is a hormone delivery system from mother to baby, and consuming milk internally is known to trigger a hormone and inflammatory cascade linked to acne. This does not occur when applying dairy to the skin. There is a difference between lactose intolerance and a true diagnosed milk allergy. As we age, we lose the enzymes that help us digest milk, causing us to develop a lactose sensitivity by way of upset stomach, but the skin itself is not lactose intolerant. For those with a true milk allergy, which is extremely rare in adults, skincare that contains dairy derivatives should be avoided.”
—Vanessa Grosso, sales and master educator, Epicuren Discovery



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