Combat Dry Hands this Winter with These Five Products

Here on the east coast, we've been battling bitterly cold weather to kick off the new year. Our hands, while kept semi-warm through gloves, mittens, and pockets, are still suffering from dry and cracked, painful skin. In fact, winter gloves, while great for keeping us warm, are typically made from moisture-zapping cotton and polyester, known for removing the skin's natural oils as well as any protective products used on the hands. Here, we've compiled five steps and products to combat dry winter skin and show your hands a little TLC.

  1. Start by removing dead skin cells and that nasty hard top layer of dryness with a product like Erin’s Faces Bamboo Scrub. This blend is particularly great for hands as it’s not as oily as most scrubs. It removes dry cells with polishing walnut shell powder and a light essential oil blend of lemongrass, mimosa, and litsea.  Powdered bamboo from the hill forests of India tones, refines texture, and improves skin vibrancy.  A certified organic complex of algae and rice extract delivers hydration while milk thistle leaves hands smooth and soft.

  2. Next, massage a product like CV Skinlabs' Restorative Skin Balm into cuticles to heal and repair tiny cracks and abrasions brought on by dryness. This petrolatum-free, nourishing salve moisturizes and instantly softens severely dry, rough, and chapped skin. Seabuckthorn oil, turmeric, bees wax, vitamin E, calendula, reishi mushroom, alpha-bisabolol, and arnica are combined for a powerfully healing blend. The easy to squeeze tube can be slipped into a pocket or makeup bag for on-the-go hydration throughout the day.

  3. Then, massage a product like Laguna Herbals Nail Restoration Balm (Restore) into nails. A certified organic blend of sunflower seed and grapeseed oil is combined with horsetail, rosemary, sage leaf, chamomile, elder fruit and essential oils to restore nails to a natural luster.  If you’d rather go without a nail color, this blend protects and hydrates.


  4. Moisturize and protect hands with a product like the Patchouli + Geranium Cream for Hands and Body by Thesis Beauty.  A 99 percent organic blend is made with rich and moisturizing organic raw shea butter, sunflower oil, virgin coconut oil, jojoba oil, and organic essential oils of orange, patchouli, geranium, spearmint, lemongrass, and rosemary. The formula was designed to absorb easily, preserve and replenishe skin's moisture, and provide lasting comfort for skin.


  5. Finish your hand-care routine by protecting yourself from cold and flu germs without severely drying out hands, with a product like Kosmatology’s All Natural + Organic Hand Sanitizers. Made with organic ethanol, and a moisturizing blend of glycerin, and essential oils, the sanitizers can spritz on over moisturizer as a light spray to protect and hydrate. Fragrances include lavender eucalypts, grapefruit clove, spearmint rosemary, and orange lemon-lime.


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